Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer

Atlanta truck accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Buddoo & Associates understand that Atlanta’s status as a transportation hub and well-documented traffic congestion often bring passenger vehicles into close contact with large transfer trucks. Motor vehicle accidents involving large trucks can be devastating to passenger cars, usually resulting in major damage to the vehicle and serious injury to the occupants. Truck drivers have very demanding schedules, and as the number of hours they spend on the road increases, so do the chances that they will be involved in an accident.

A Client-Focused Atlanta Truck Accident Law Firm

In any accident involving a large truck, the one thing you can rely on is that the truck driver’s insurance company, his employer, and his employer’s insurance company will waste no time trying to reach a quick settlement for any injury claims resulting from the accident. They will ask victims to make a statement regarding the specifics of the accident and then put their heads together to try to find some legal way to deny the claim. Too often, injured parties accept these early settlement offers only to find out later that their injuries are more severe than they first appeared, or that their medical bills exceed the amount of compensation they received in the settlement. The Atlanta truck accident lawyers at Buddoo & Associates focus on the needs of the client. We defend injured victims from powerful and well-funded trucking and insurance companies. We spare no effort in seeking the maximum fair compensation for your injuries.

Seasoned Truck Accident Lawyers in Atlanta

Motor vehicle accidents involving large trucks require special attention in order to ensure that the full spectrum of injuries to the victim and damage to their property are taken into account when any settlement offer is considered. If the settlement offered is not fair enough to compensate a victim, the case must go to court for litigation and the situation becomes even more complex. The Atlanta trucking accident lawyer you choose must be able to skillfully navigate the obstacles that the attorneys representing the negligent party will place between the victim and their fair and just compensation. Some common evidence of truck driver negligence:

  • Driver fatigue
  • Operating the vehicle in an unsafe manner
  • Poor vehicle maintenance
  • Non-adherence to DOT regulations regarding safety equipment and practices
  • Driver distraction or careless operation of the vehicle

It is not always easy to prove negligence in these types of accidents, and it will take the skills of an experienced truck wreck attorney in Atlanta to help you to recover damages from a collision with a large truck.

Atlanta Truck Wreck Attorneys Monitor Georgia Trucking Regulations

As stated in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, experts contend that Georgia regulations regarding the ownership and operation of a trucking company need to be tougher. The current regulations allow an individual to start a trucking company with a small fee and online registration, allow the trucks to be on the road for up to a year-and-a-half before a safety review, and allow trucking companies accused of safety violations to simply shut down and re-open under a different name. Because of these soft regulations, Atlanta drivers face serious risk of injury from trucking accidents.

Injured in an Atlanta Truck Accident? Contact a Lawyer

A collision with a large truck can cause severe physical, mental, and emotional trauma to an individual. Because seeking compensation can be a complicated and difficult task, having the right legal representation in Atlanta is critical. The Law Offices of Buddoo & Associates is ready to represent you. We realize that your case deserves special attention, and we will work diligently to pursue proper compensation. If you or a loved one has been injured in a collision with a large truck in greater Atlanta, call Buddoo & Associates today at 404-870-3557 for a free consultation or via our online contact form.