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Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Atlanta Motorcycle Accide…

Cases involving injuries to motorcycle riders require the attention of vehicle accident lawyers who understand the sometimes-complex nature of motorcycle accidents. Motorcycling is very popular in Atlanta and the number of riders grows every day. Though Atlanta’s well-maintained roads are very inviting to a motorcyclist, riders frequently encounter many other types of vehicles, and all of these vehicles have the potential to do harm to the rider.

Our Committed Accident and Injury Lawyers

Being in a motorcycle accident is a mentally and physically traumatic experience. Injuries sustained by the motorcyclist in collisions with passenger vehicles are often very serious and sometimes life-threatening. At Buddoo and Associates, P.C., your case will get the quality personal attention we are known for. And you will be represented by a proficient staff of professionals while seeking compensation for your injuries and the damage to your property. We represent injured parties in cases of:

  • Disfigurement or permanent scarring
  • Back and pelvis injuries
  • Damage to limbs
  • Head and neck injuries
  • Injuries to the spine

Were You Injured by the Driver of a Car or Truck?

The sad fact is that most motorcycle accidents are caused by the driver of a passenger car that either does not see or fails to yield the right of way to a motorcycle rider. According to the findings in the Hurt Report, almost 75 percent of motorcycle accidents involve a collision with another vehicle, and most of these were passenger vehicles. The report goes on to state that, in most of the motorcycle accidents researched in this comprehensive study, it was the automobile driver’s failure to see or recognize the motorcyclist that led to the accident, that most common motorcycle accidents involve the failure to yield the right of way and often occur at intersections, and that 98 percent of all collisions involving motorcycles result in injury to the rider.

Motorcycle accidents, regardless of the protective gear worn by the motorcyclist, put riders at a much greater risk of serious injury. Atlanta roadways — with wide thoroughfares, heavy passenger and commercial traffic — and the popularity of motorcycling, can present challenges in uncovering the true cause of a motorcycle accident. The lawyers at Buddoo and Associates are adept at navigating the complex issues that can lead to a motorcycle accident and will work diligently for a successful outcome to your case.

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In representing injured victims of Atlanta motorcycle accidents, attorney Lawrence Buddoo and his entire team are committed to seeking an optimal conclusion. Being injured in a motorcycle accident can affect the rest of your life. Before settling for any less than what you deserve, contact the law offices of Buddoo and Associates. Discuss your case with an accident attorney for free. Call (404) 870-3557 today or complete our contact form.