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Atlanta Elevator Accident Lawyers

Atlanta Elevator Accident…

Thousands of people each day step onto elevators in hotels, office buildings, and malls without a single thought as to the possibility that an elevator malfunction may occur, causing injury and harm to the occupants. In a high-rise city such as Atlanta, elevators are an efficient and economical means of transportation, and also one of the most important maintenance issues building managers face. When compared to the number of elevator rides on any given day, incidences of elevator accidents are rare, but the injuries caused by these accidents are very serious and often fatal.

Proving the Cause of an Elevator Malfunction

By thoroughly investigating maintenance, inspection and accident records where an incident occurred, an experienced premises liability attorney can usually determine who should be held liable for an elevator malfunction. Individuals should have a reasonable assurance of safety when using any public equipment in or around a business premises. When this safety is compromised, the most likely cause is poor maintenance. This may be the responsibility of members of the staff employed by the building or property owner or it could be a matter that is handled by an outside company. The aid of a knowledgeable accident lawyer is important when trying to determine who is responsible for injuries caused in an elevator accident.

Lawsuits for Injuries Caused by Elevators

The possible injuries from an elevator accident can involve cuts and bruises or trauma to joints and limbs from doors closing prematurely, or head trauma or other serious injury caused by a malfunction of the elevator. Elevator accident lawyers help injured parties obtain settlements or file lawsuits for damages for injuries caused by:

  • Elevator door malfunctions
  • Premature movement of an open elevator car
  • Sudden stops or drops of an elevator car
  • Emotional trauma resulting from being trapped in an elevator for an extended time
  • Heat stroke and dehydration symptoms caused by being trapped in an elevator car
  • Trips and falls resulting from an elevator failing to properly align with the floor

Most elevator accidents involve either some malfunction of the system of cables and pulleys used to operate the device or an electrical malfunction.

Elevator Accidents Affect Thousands of Individuals

According to ConsumerWatch.com, elevator accidents affect more than 10,000 individuals each year, sometimes resulting in death. Contributing to elevator malfunctions is the fact that elevators are not subject to federal accident investigations and information about defective parts recalls is not made widely available, as manufacturers are only required to notify the owners of the equipment.

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