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Driving and Drinking with Flask

Injured by a Drunk Driver? What to Do Next

Most states, including Georgia, have adopted very harsh laws in the last 40 or so years to help stop drunk driving. Unfortunately, even with statewide and nationwide campaigns to teach people not to do so, the problem still exists. Unfortunately, this means that sometimes other people are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Most DUI accidents involve heavy damage because the drunk driver doesn't respond in time to try to avoid an accident. This will often result in greater damages, worse injuries and sometimes death for one or more people at the scene.

If You or a Loved One was Injured by a Drunk Driver...

Criminal Investigation After a Drunk Driving Accident

Atlanta police vehicles are equipped to do on the spot breath tests, and they can also be done at the hospital or by the coroner's office if the offender dies in the accident. Evidence is carefully gathered, including measurements that will help determine with accuracy the speed at which both (or more) vehicles were travelling at the time of impact. Eyewitnesses will all be asked for statements. Hospitals will be informed that they are treating victims of a possible crime investigation and will keep highly accurate records that can also be submitted as evidence if a case is brought to court.

Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer Familiar with Drunk Driving Cases

You want to make sure that you hire a reputable auto accident lawyer who can help you to receive compensation as the victim of a drunk driving accident.  You have to make sure that they are aware of all the available information and will leave no stone unturned. Think of your lawyer as the conductor of a large orchestra. They must know the part of each person and make sure that they all work together like a well-oiled machine. All aspects of the case will come together, ideally, so that the evidence will prove beyond a doubt that you are entitled to compensation for damages and injuries sustained.

Do You Need to See a Doctor?

Most importantly, make certain that you have yourself checked out, even if you were only slightly injured. The odds of a spinal injury causing pain days or weeks from your accident are very possible. The spinal cord can sustain bruising and trauma injury that may cause swelling to happen over the course of several days. This can create pinched nerves and pressure on the spine that becomes so painful you cannot move, bend, stoop or twist. If this is not addressed you could actually cause more injury that is permanent. Never take a chance. Always be checked by a doctor to rule out any unseen injury.

Witnesses and Court Testimony After the Accident

In some cases, witnesses can be subpoenaed into court to recount what they saw. These are decisions that your lawyer will make. If an officer on the scene noted that the driver of the other vehicle was noticeably intoxicated, his account in court is also important. Don't be concerned if your lawyer chooses to just introduce statements as evidence. These are all given weight in the case.  If evidence shows that the driver was drunk driving, he will be found liable to pay for your damages through his insurance. If you have chosen your legal representation wisely, then trust them that they know what is best. Sometimes your lawyer will ask you to say nothing at all and this may be the best advice in the courtroom. You may not even be called to speak in front of a judge during this case. Leave this up to your lawyer. Sometimes presenting the evidence and saying little is the best procedure.

Choosing Your Personal Injury Attorney

You will have the chance to talk to your lawyer when you initially request a consultation. It is important that you feel good about them and the choice that you are making, and a good personal injury attorney will know how to provide that. If you or your loved one was injured in the Atlanta area, we welcome you to contact Buddoo & Associates for a free, confidential consultation.