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Why Do Drunk Drivers Walk Away Unharmed?

It happens every day. A drunk driver gets in a crash and seriously injures the other party, yet they walk away pain-free. Sometimes, the drunk driver has no understanding of the damage they’ve caused as they’re loaded into a police car.

The injured and their families often ask why drunk drivers walk away unharmed while others have suffered or even died. Finding the answer requires a scientific approach.

Tension and Release

Damage rarely comes from the car crash itself, but rather those in the car reacting to the crash. Drivers in a collision, tense up at the moment of impact. That tension stiffens the muscles and joints as the body impacts the interior of the vehicle.

Drivers and passengers who stiffen their bodies and brace for impact are at higher risk of injury because the body absorbs all the force directly. On the other hand, keeping the muscles and joints relaxed acts as a cushion against the collision.

Numbed and Relaxed

Drunk drivers survive car accidents because their reaction times are slowed, and alcohol relaxes the muscles. When an intoxicated person suffers a car crash, their muscles are already numbed, and their reactions aren’t fast enough to tense up before their body impacts with the car. As a result, drunk drivers are 65% more likely to survive a car crash than sober drivers.

There’s nothing glamorous or safe about drunk driving. Intoxicated people may survive car crashes more often than sober drivers, but there would be no accident if they were not driving under the influence in the first place. Every drunk driving accident is preventable.

Injured by a Drunk Driver?

If you are the victim of an accident caused by a drunk driver, it is time to go after the negligent party. The driver’s insurance company will likely reach out to you, and it is important to redirect this conversation to your attorney.

Our team can carefully determine the true value of your case and help you get justice.

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