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Identifying a Drunk Driver

Drunk driving has taken a massive toll on our country and our communities. Thousands of drunk drivers go to jail every night. Thousands suffer injuries from DUI-related accidents and roughly 30 Americans die in drunk driving accidents each day. Everyone should know how to identify a drunk driver and what to do if they see one on the road.

Know the Signs of a DUI

One of the best ways to protect yourself and others from a drunk driving accident is to identify early warning signs. From watching someone’s driving, it is difficult to determine whether they are drunk or merely distracted. Regardless, drivers who display several symptoms of drunk driving over a few minutes pose a danger to themselves and others.

Warning signs of an intoxicated driver include,

· Swerving out of lane or onto the shoulder

· Following too closely.

· Wide and uneven turns.

· Driver fails to use headlights

· The driver does not stop at stop signs or stoplights.

· The driver stops too quickly or brakes in a jolted manner.

Take Action

If you spot a drunk driver on the road, you should try to keep your distance. If you’re ahead of them, see if you can pull off into a parking lot or side street. If you’re behind them, give them a lot of space. Under no circumstances should you try to pull over or get alongside them to talk, even at a stoplight.

While it’s difficult to tell if a driver is actually drunk, if you suspect the driver is a danger to themselves or others, you may want to report them. While 911 is easier to remember, calling *477 directs your call to Georgia State Patrol.

While on the phone, you should remain calm. Inform the operator that you suspect there’s a drunk driver on the road. Tell them the street, the direction they're going, and some information about their car.

If you can report the make, model, color, and license plate of a drunk driver’s vehicle, you increase the chances of police finding them before they can hurt someone. While you may hesitate to report someone when you’re not even sure if they’re drunk driving, you’re potentially saving lives.

If you or someone you love were victims of a drunk driving accident, you might be entitled to just compensation. If you’d like an experienced Atlanta auto injury attorney from Buddoo and Associates to evaluate your case, please send us an email or call (404) 800-3755.